Candidates for Elected Office

Emerge Oregon alumnae are running for office right now!

Below is a list of Emerge Oregon women who have announced their May Primary 2020 candidacies as of January 22, 2020 or are scheduled to be up for re-election (more city council races to come that are just on the ballot in November!): 



Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Secretary of State

Jennifer Williamson, Secretary of State

Karen Spencer, Metro District 5

Mary Peveto, Metro District 5

Leigha LaFleur, Metro District 6


State Legislature:

Deb Patterson, Senate District 10

Kathleen Taylor, Senate District 21

Eileen Kiely, Senate District 27

Carina Maria Miller, Senate District 30


Mary Middleton, House District 4

Julie Fahey, House District 14

Teresa Alonso Leon, House District 22

Sheri Schouten, House District 26

Wlnsvey Campos, House District 28

Christina Stephenson, House District 33

Maxine Dexter, House District 33

Dacia Grayber, House District 35

Lisa Reynolds, House District 36

Laurie Wimmer, House District 36 (former board chair)

Rachel Prusak, House District 37

Andrea Salinas, House District 38

Karin Power, House District 42

Alissa Keny-Guyer, House District 46


Akasha Lawrence-Spence, House District 36 – APPOINTMENT ONLY – and she won!!


Local Office:

Lacey Beaty, Beaverton Mayor

Lucy Vinis, Eugene Mayor

Theresa Kohlhoff, Lake Oswego Mayor

Claire Syrett, Eugene City Council

Eliza Kashinsky, Eugene City Council

Angel Falconer, Milwaukie City Council

Kori Rodley, Springfield City Council

Candace Avalos, Portland City Council, Position 1

Carmen Rubio, Portland City Council, Position 1 (founding board member)

Cynthia Castro, Portland City Council, Position 2

Julia DeGraw, Portland City Council, Position 2

Nova Newcomer, Portland City Council, Position 2

Tera Hurst, Portland City Council, Position 2

Jen Brownlee, Happy Valley City Council

Gina DuQuenne, Ashland City Council


Laurie Trieger, Lane County Commission

Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commission

Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County Commission

Nafisa Fai, Washington County Commission

Kamala Shugar, Lane County Circuit Court