Announcing the Class of 2019: 36 women strong!

  • Dec 3, 2018
  • Jillian Schoene
  • Emerge Oregon


2019 is a big year for Emerge Oregon!
Not only are we proud to announce our Class of 2019 – but next year is extra special. 
This cohort of women marks our 10-year anniversary!
We’ll start 2019 with our annual “Your Candidacy Begins Today” reception on Friday, January 25. Join us in support of these women and the work it takes to build a bench of future women leaders in public policy and politics!
Half of these women are from outside of Portland, 44% are women of color, 18% are first-generation Americans and all offer a diverse set of professional backgrounds and lived experiences that will make our elected bodies better reflect the communities served.
To follow, stay tuned for our 10-year anniversary event later in the year when we will celebrate the years past and the years to come. 
Emerge Oregon Class of 2019 Reception
Friday, January 25, 2019
5:00 PM
Cerulean, 1439 NW Marshall, Portland
Tickets are $35.


Class of 2019
Adrianne Feldstein, NE Portland
Akasha Lawrence-Spence, NW Portland
Anny Hsiao, NW Portland
Ashley Espinoza, Eugene
Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg, PDX/Washington County
Ashley Tjaden, SE Portland
Candace Avalos, NE Portland
Christine Pitts, SE Portland
Dacia Grayber, SW Portland
Danielle Gonzalez, Salem
Deb Patterson, Salem
Doris Towery, McMinnville
Elizabeth Case, Hillsboro
Elisabeth Zeller, Lake Oswego
Jennifer Brownlee, Happy Valley
Jennifer Jonak, Eugene
Kamala Shugar, Eugene
Karen Spencer, NW Portland
Katie Young, Beaverton
Kirsten Naito, SW Portland
Kori Rodley, Springfield
Laurie Cremona Wagner, Lake Oswego
Lisa Reynolds, NW Portland
Maria Hernandez, SE Portland
Maxine Dexter, NW Portland
Megan Kovacs, SE Portland
Megan McMillan, PDX/Washington County
Nubia Contreras, Hood River
Sadie Carney, Salem
See Eun Kim, Hillsboro
Shani Harris-Bagwell, SE Portland
Shanice Clarke, SE Portland
Shannon Scott, NW Portland
Shelaswau Crier, Salem
Sumitra Chhetri, SE Portland
Wendy Lawton, Fairview