Additional Trainings

Need campaign skills now - or is a run for office further down the road?

Stay Tuned for Information about 2023 Regional Boot Camps

The boot camp is a condensed version of our curriculum covering the most important nuts and bolts of campaigning. The bootcamp is scheduled over 3 days. 

Boot camps are a great option for women who identify an immediate opportunity to run for office and need to launch their campaign before they would complete our signature program.

We also welcome women who know a run for office is further out yet would like some training now, preferring to apply to our full program closer to an actual run for office. Finally, we reserve spots in our boot camp for women who apply for our signature program, but are beyond capacity.

We use the same application for both our signature program and our boot camp.

This training is open to persons who are fully vaccinated at the time of the training. All participants and trainers must take a rapid antigen test no more than 12 hours before training. Emerge will provide a box of two tests to replenish the testing kits used for the training.  If you are unvaccinated for any reason, we ask that you reach out to us and we can connect you to virtual training alternatives.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $35 is required and must be submitted along with a completed application.  The application fee can be paid here or mail a check payable to Emerge Oregon, PO Box 3493, Portland, Oregon 97208.

Additional Trainings: Southern Oregon Cohort

In response to increasing demand for our training, Emerge Oregon now offers a 5-7 day training in the southern region of Oregon. We first offered this training in 2019 and will offer it again in 2023. It is very similar to our Signature Program. 

We use the same application for both our signature program and our boot camp. Boot camps for 2023 have not yet been scheduled. Please check back – but know that you’ll also see us announce it on social media and via our email list. 

Step Forward

Our Step Forward program is a one-day training.  It is focused on the three main ingredients for a campaign: Money, Votes, and Press.  In other words, core campaign communications, fundraising, and running a field program to get out the vote!

We primarily offer these trainings on an as-needed basis, anywhere in the state. We are flexible and will work one-on-one with interested groups of women.  We ask that at least 12-15 women attend the class.

Women who attend these trainings are not considered alumnae of Emerge Oregon, but we do hope attendees apply to either our signature program or boot camps at some point.

Send an email to if you are interested in organizing a Step Forward training in your community!