53 Emerge women have announced their campaigns for 2020!

  • Mar 13, 2020
  • Jillian Schoene
  • Emerge Oregon


Emerge Women Are Running!

53 Emerge women have announced their campaigns for 2020 – and we thank them for stepping up to serve their communities in this way. More to come for November!

We also want all of our supporters to know that we are working with our alumnae on adjustments they can make to their campaigns in the context of COVID 19.

We wish everyone well as we all help each other navigate what’s in front of us – and encourage everyone to search for opportunities on how to help those in your respective communities who will be most impacted.


Statewide and Regional Races:  
Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Secretary of State
Shemia Fagan, Secretary of State
Karen Spencer, Metro District 5
Mary Peveto, Metro District 5
Leigha LaFleur, Metro District 6
State Legislature:
Deb Patterson, Senate District 10
Kathleen Taylor, Senate District 21
Eileen Kiely, Senate District 27
Carina Marie Miller, Senate District 30
Mary Middleton, House District 4
Julie Fahey, House District 14
Paige Hook, House District 17
Jackie Leung, House District 19
Teresa Alonso Leon, House District 22
Sheri Schouten, House District 27
Wlnsvey Campos, House District 28
Christina Stephenson, House District 33
Maxine Dexter, House District 33
Dacia Grayber, House District 35
Lisa Reynolds, House District 36
Laurie Wimmer, House District 36 (former board chair)
Rachel Prusak, House District 37
Andrea Salinas, House District 38
Tessah Danel, House District 39 (Class of 2020)
Karin Power, House District 42
Emerson Levy, House District 53 (Class of 2020)
Local Office – May Races: 
Lacey Beaty, Beaverton Mayor
Lucy Vinis, Eugene Mayor
Claire Syrett, Eugene City Council
Eliza Kashinsky, Eugene City Council
Kori Rodley, Springfield City Council
Candace Avalos, Portland City Council, Position 1
Carmen Rubio, Portland City Council, Position 1 (founding board member)
Cynthia Castro, Portland City Council, Position 2
Julia DeGraw, Portland City Council, Position 2
Melissa Shumake, Pendleton City Council
Terrie Martin, Jackson County Commission
Laurie Trieger, Lane County Commission
Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commission
Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County Commission
Nafisa Fai, Washington County Commission
Ashley Carson-Cottingham, Marion County Commission (Class of 2020)
Danielle Gonzalez, Marion County Clerk
Red Wortham, Washington County Sheriff (Class of 2020)
Local Office – November Only Races:
Kamala Shugar, Lane County Circuit Court
Theresa Kohlhoff, Lake Oswego Mayor
Angel Falconer, Milwaukie City Council
Jen Brownlee, Happy Valley City Council
Gina DuQuenne, Ashland City Council
Melanie Kebler, Bend City Council
Gina Roletto, Hillsboro City Council
Kimberly Culbertson, Hillsboro City Council