90% of Our Races Won!

  • May 23, 2019
  • Jillian Schoene
  • Emerge Oregon


We couldn’t be more proud of all our alumnae who stepped up to run this May.

90% of our races were won in a year when only four of our alumnae were in uncontested races. And whether they won or lost, our alumnae did the hard work and performed well!

To our alumnae who did not win: we love you and hope that you use the expertise you gained to run again(!) or to support another woman running for office. Your experience matters and we thank you for the work you did to elevate policy discussions about our kids, schools, and public parks.

To those who won: we thank you in advance for your public service. It is a privilege to run for office – and an even greater privilege to serve. Continue to build upon the work you did to connect with voters on their door step. Stay connected. Listen. And then lead.

Finally, gratitude to every volunteer, donor, endorsing organization and individual. Thank you for supporting women running for office!


Jillian Schoene & the Emerge Oregon Board of Directors