Meet Caroline, Amy & Liz

  • May 14, 2019
  • Jillian Schoene
  • Emerge Oregon


There is an election this month. And your ballot is just waiting to be filled out and returned!

Emerge women are on many of those ballots, so it’s that time again to highlight our alumnae running to serve their communities.

Between now and Election Day, we’ll share with you a few of the candidates each week and why they are running.

Below is our sixth and final email in this series. You can read our previous emails on the new section of our website.


Jillian Schoene
Executive Director

Caroline Skidmore: “I am a Speech and Language Pathologist and have worked for an Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education program as well as a non-profit clinic. I’ve worked with kids and their families – seeing first hand the special needs and different learning styles of children. This experience has very much helped to shape my priorities – and leaves me no doubt that children learn best when their emotional needs are met. I will advocate for more counselors in all of our schools, in conjunction with strong academic standards that will help all students develop into educated, confident, capable, caring members of our community.”

Amy Tatom: “In my work as a family nurse practitioner providing primary care to people across the lifespan, I see how closely health and education are linked. When kids have plenty of food, sleep, and emotional support, they do better in school. And when kids do well at school, they are more likely to grow into healthy, independent adults. Our schools already play an enormous role in the health and wellness of our kids, from nutritious meals to nursing care, but we can do more. We can provide more training and resources to our teachers. We can bring in more nurses and counselors. And we can empower every employee to speak out about safety lapses in our kids’ schools. To do this well, we need a diverse school board with members from a variety of professional backgrounds, including healthcare.”

Liz Goodrich: “I am running for school board because I believe public education is the foundation of a strong community. I believe that students deserve schools that challenge them, parents deserve schools that nurture their children, and teachers and staff deserve respect and opportunities to develop their skills. Our community deserves an engaged board that is in touch with the issues facing our region. As a school board member, I will prioritize planning for growth, exercising fiscal responsibility, supporting staff, and ensuring quality and equitable education for all students.”