Meet See Eun, Amanda & Robin

  • May 1, 2019
  • Jillian Schoene
  • Emerge Oregon



There is an election coming up! You may have already received your voter pamphlet statement – and any day now, you’ll be receiving your ballot!

Emerge women will be on many of those ballots, so it’s that time again to highlight our alumnae running to serve their communities.

Between now and Election Day, we’ll share with you a few of the candidates each week and why they are running.

Below is our fourth email in this series.


Jillian Schoene
Executive Director

See Eun Kim, Hillsboro School Board, Position 4

I am running to be the first Asian-American School Board Member elected in Oregon’s 4th largest school district! I will bring my ground-level perspective as an educator and child advocate to the decisions that guide our district and influence our community. As a 3rd grade teacher, I have experienced first-hand how policies impact the classroom – some in ways that serve the students’ best interest and others that do not. As a child advocate, I’ve witnessed the wide array of social issues that impact a child’s ability to learn and adapt. I am running to ensure that our schools are given the resources and support to provide quality education to all students. I am dedicated to bringing systemic change through education policy and advocacy work. Learn more here.

This is See Eun’s first run for office – and she has one opponent. 

Amanda Schroeder, Centennial School Board, Position 7

With my children currently in the Centennial School District, I recognize the gravity of the epidemic of under-funding education: the devastating impact of cutting of vital programs that provide opportunities for the students to express their thoughts, feelings, and abilities; recognition and celebration of our very diverse student body and the community in which the students and the rest of us are living; and the opportunities available through partnerships with non-profit organizations, apprenticeships and trade programs that show the real value of all people within our communities – that an academic future beyond high school is not necessary to be a contributor to the prosperity and vitality of the community.  Education provides the direct pathway to the future: what will the future bring if we do not help build a road to a better life, A vote for me is an investment today in the possibilities of tomorrow! Learn more here.

This is Amanda’s first run for a school board position – and she has one opponent. 

Robin Zygaitis, Bethel School Board, Position 6

When I started elementary school none of my teachers could understand what I was saying, they would have to pull my sister out of class to interpret for me. Thankfully my public school was able to provide a speech pathologist who worked with me for 3 years, assistance that my family could not have provided on their own. Then the position was eliminated due to budget cuts, cuts that have continued for almost 30 years. My public education provided me with the assistance I needed to be successful, I am running for school board to make sure we are providing all our students with the support they need to succeed.
This is Robin’s first run for office – and she doesn’t have an opponent.